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Post Bank appoints Julius Kakeeto as new managing director

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 Julius Kakeeto has been appointed the new managing director of Post Bank Uganda Limited.

He replaces Stephen Mukweli who is battling charges of misconduct at the bank.

Kakeeto has been heading Orient bank for the four and half years and is credited for turning the bank into profitability. He also worked at audit firm Ernst and Young, Citibank, and Equity bank.

He is expected to lead Post Bank from tier II to tier I where it will fully become a commercial bank, Post Bank said on Monday.

Ssebuguzi Anselm: Bayindi can be a tribe in Uganda without complexes

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I have read views from different Ugandans about the proposed bill to recognize Indians as a tribe, both educated and non educated seem to have the same understanding of a tribe. And in my view, their understanding of ‘tribe’ is wrong.

One of them is Hon. Muhammad Nsereko who is a member of parliament, and I heard that he is as well a lawyer by education.

Hon. Muhammad Nsereko argues that Indians cannot be a tribe in Uganda because in India they already have over 365 tribes already, but let me help Hon. Nsereko and the scores of others who ignorantly think that a tribe is associated to one’s race and/ colour. 

First of all, the Indians proposed bill talks about Indians of Ugandans not Indians of India. The more than 365 tribes of Indian is a non issue in this case therefore.

Minister Janat Mukwaya accused of conniving with Saudi Embassy official to fleece Uganda migrant workers

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The fraternity of labour recruitment agencies in Uganda is  divided over reports emerging over the labour ministry continued 70 dollars each girl charge meant for monitoring the safety of Ugandan workers (girls).

Uganda federation of foreign recruitment agencies in an effort to eliminate trafficking of Ugandan workers and foster safety of Uganda workers is in the process of coordinating the same with a newly acquired offices at crested towers in Kampala

Voices heard accuse Hon Jannat Mukwaya of conniving with Saudi embassy officials to fleece Ugandan workers

Norbert Mao: An active boycott is imperative when elections become an empty ritual

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I have received a lot of feedback after declaring that President Museveni is doing everything to insure himself against the possibility of losing the presidential election and therefore Ugandans should seriously consider boycotting the presidential ballot. The purpose of the boycott would be to leave him to run alone probably accompanied by some Mickey Mouse candidates manufactured for that purpose. A boycott is a desperate and extraordinary measure of last resort. It means the situation is dire. Desperate times demand desperate measures.

Imagine a soccer match where two teams face each other. One team is the reigning champion. The other team is the challenger that the trophy has eluded for decades. The reigning champion is captained by a player who is also the referee. He runs around with a whistle in his mouth.

Fix the issues, don’t create an exempt elite ¬ Dr Ian Clarke

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There was a tragic accident along the Bukasa Ring Road a few weeks ago when a car swerved to avoid a pothole and ploughed into a boda boda carrying a father and three children. The boda boda guy died, plus two of the children. Shortly after the accident, KCCA installed a speed bump, but the pothole that caused the accident is still there.When I travel anywhere in Uganda there are speed bumps.

It seems that we have a prescriptive remedy for road accidents: put in more speed bumps, but we do not add to this solution using common sense. In the case of the accident in Bukasa the immediate cause was the pothole, which remains there. It would have made more sense to fix the underlying cause of the accident, which is the pothole. Potholes are not expensive to repair, but we remain with many of them throughout the city, and they are a major cause of slowing the flow of traffic that contributes to traffic jams.

DRC Uganda commit to boost security, trade and social welfare

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President Museveni and Felix Tshisekedi, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have committed to boost security, trade and social welfare through stronger ties.

Tshisekedi is on a three-day visit to Uganda.  

In a joint press conference at Statehouse Entebbe on Saturday, the two leaders pledged to work together on joint projects that will facilitate trade, social welfare and security in the region. This will include the construction of roads from Uganda to the cities of Goma, Buni and Beni.

Museveni said that the construction of the roads will boost the social welfare of citizens from both countries. 

Interview: South Sudan?Where to from Here?

Reading Time: 9 minutes

An exclusive interview with Mabior Garang de Mabior, Spokesperson for the Sudan’s People’s Liberation Movement-in-Opposition (SPLM-IO)

INSET: South Sudan is hurtling toward a November 12 deadline to form a transitional government to end 6 years of fighting that has killed over 400,000 and created 2.3 million refugees. The country descended into war on December 15, 2013, two years after becoming the world’s newest state. The conflict started as a dispute between President Salva Kiir and former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar over the party nomination of its presidential flag-bearer. A heated December 13 meeting of the party leadership failed to resolve the issue. Within a few days fighting broke out in the military between Kiir and Machar loyalists, effectively cutting it in half.

In 2015, the Agreement for the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS), was brokered to end the fighting but it fell apart in 2016 after fighting recurred between forces loyal to the two principals. In September 2018, a Revitalized Agreement for the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) was concluded to give peace a chance yet again. However, many of the issues that triggered the collapse of the ARCSS remain unresolved, chief among them the security arrangements. Fearing the likelihood of a repeat scenario, the opposition SPLM-IO called for a delay in installing the new government. President Salva Kiir however threatened to move ahead with the agreement with or without the opposition.

Peoples Gov’t lead by Kizza Besigye to petition ICC

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The Peoples Government plans to petition the International Criminal Court ICC against President Yoweri Museveni for allegedly committing crimes against humanity.

Addressing the media on Friday, at their offices on Katonga road, the Peoples Government Deputy President Erias Lukwago says that President Museveni in his individual capacity should answer cases related to suppression, torture and extrajudicial killings.

According to the Rome Statute, crimes against humanity include murder, extermination, enslavement, torture, enforced disappearance of persons and imprisonment among others.

Uganda’s land question remains unanswered – Justice Bamugemereire

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The fate of numerous pending complaints filed at the Land Commission of Inquiry for investigations hang in balance as tenure of the Commission ends.

The Commission of Inquiry into land matters says two and half years of extensive investigations failed to get to the bottom of the complex Uganda’s land question.

It only managed to define the most fraud-ridden state agencies charged with land management as Uganda Land Fund, Uganda Land Commission, the Area Land Committees and the District Land Boards where double titling of land take place amongst others.

Flying squad arrests three suspected boda boda thieves in Hoima

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 Flying squad operatives have arrested three suspected Motorcycle robbers who have been terrorizing cyclists in the region. 

They were arrested on Thursday night in one of the lodges in Hoima town.  

Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson identified the suspects as Fred Ssegawa 28, Alex Kipaku 30 and Francis Businge 27 all residents of Kagadi district.  

Police also recovered one suspected stolen motorcycle registration number UAT 508U Bajaj from the robbers.

Why NRM MPs in Mpigi set to loose their seats, MP Nakawunde may bounce back to 11th Parliament

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National Resistance Movement (NRM) area MPs in Mpigi district are set to loose their seats come 2021.

Minister for Trade, Industry and Co-operatives also Mawokota North MP hon. Ameria Kyambadde is faced with a tough race come 2021.

Minister Kyambadde become one of the most popular politician in 2010 thus defeating Mr Mutuluuza Calveri in 2011 to represent the constituency for her first term.

She maintained her seat in 2016, with a comfortable win past DP’s senior counsel Mayinja Tebusweke and Kansiime who was backed by Ameria’s foes inside her National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

NRM mobiliser Barekye hunted for spying the party for Bobi Wine

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Kampala Central National Resistance Movement (NRM) cadre and mobiliser accused for spying his party for People Power Movement. Whisper Eye Reports

Barekye Wahabu a resident of Civic Centre in Kampala Central Division to face arrest.

Reliable source has revealed  to Whisper Eye how Barekye who is a trained NRM cadre joined People Power Movement months ago and continued to attend crucial NRM meetings.

Museveni assures Indians security after Uganda 2021 presidential elections

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Uganda president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has extolled the Indian community towards the economic growth of the country.

Mr Museveni and the first Lady Janate Kataha Museveni hosted the Indian community to Diwali dinner at State House Entebbe yesterday evening.

“I commended the Indian community for the enormous contribution towards Uganda’s economic development, says president Museveni.”

“Both before Independence and after the NRM/A protracted armed people’s struggle.” Mr Museveni added.

Uganda government under president Museveni returned all properties that were confiscated by previous regimes to Indians.

I will walk in Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s timeless virtues until Museveni steps down, says Bobi Wine

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I will walk in Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s timeless virtues until Museveni steps down, says Bobi Wine. Whisper Eye Reports.

People Power Movement leader also Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu has vowed to defeat Mr Museveni in 2021 presidential elections.

Mr Wine on his travel to the US visited the burial place of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

The former Ghetto President refreshed his Uganda  presidential bid in 2021. Promising to walk through Luther’s foot steps as an icon of social justice.

Ugandan workers in Middle East neglected as Minister Mukwaya reaps big from the labour export industry

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The former Mukono South MP Hon Jannat Baluunzi Mukwaya who retired from active elective politics in 2016 bounced back as a powerful minister-in the NRM government, she is the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs having been appointed to that position on 6th  June 2016.

Hajjati Mukwaya is a former captain in the Ugandan military rebel group NRA   now at the centre of the Labour ministry which is among the NRM government most tax appealing ministry which has seen many misfortune as Ugandans exported for Labour in very harsh and unexplained conditions.  

MUBS guild leaders support MUK tuition strike

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Makerere University Business School (MUBS) student guild leaders have joined their Makerere University counterparts to reject the 15% tuition and functional fees increment.

Romulus Tusingwiire, the MUBS guild president, says government’s claim that it was unable to fully fund public universities leading up to the 15% fees increment is incomprehensible.

They also questioned the government’s interest in the tuition hike at both institutions, saying government has its priorities upside down. Tusingwiire argues that every day, they see the number of ministers, legislators and political positions multiplying.